Direct links

A Direct Link will load the image in a new tab or window in your browser, and depending on the size selected by the person who shared the link, be displayed on the page. Direct links are only available to paid subscribers. 

Direct links can be selected via the Image landing Page, Thumbnail Image Menu and the Get Links option from the Manage Images Bar.

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    Paul Cherubini

    Direct linking no longer works! Imageshack has copied Photobucket in not allowing direct linking. Therefore I will not be renewing my paid subscription to Imageshack.

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    Kimberley Dawn

    Agreed. Direct linking no longer works on any items I've uploaded since Oct 7th. Instead the supposed "direct links" go to a page to download the image. I had been using the direct links in mass HTML emails. I have a paid subscription as well, and if this doesn't get fixed, I won't be renewing my subscription either.

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    How to get the urls of all pictures of the album?
    I may only get urls of pictures from one page, ie 40.
    But in album 20000 images.
    How to get the urls of 20000 pictures?

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    adobe Flash Player support
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